Patricia J. Williams “Alchemical Notes: Reconstructing Ideals from Deconstructed Rights,”
“…for me to understand fully the color my sister saw when she looked at a road involved more than my simply knowing that her ‘purple’ meant my ‘black.’ It required as well as a certain ‘slippage of perception’ that came from my finally experiencing how much her purple felt like my black.” (101)

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Delgado “Storytelling for Oppositionists and Others: A Plea for Narrative,”
“Narrative habits, patterns of seeing, shape what we see and aspire to. These patterns of perception become habitual, tempting us to believe that the way things are is inevitable or the best that can be in an imperfect world. Alternate visions of reality are not explored or, if they are, rejected as extreme or implausible.” (72)

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A Plea for Critical Race Theory Counterstory: Stock Story versus Counterstory Dialogues Concerning Alejandra’s “Fit” in the Academy Aja Y. Martinez
“Counterstory as methodology thus serves to expose, analyze, and challenge stock stories of racial privilege and can help to strengthen traditions of social, political, and cultural survival and resistance.” (38)

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“Rhetorical Revolution: Critical Race Counterstorytelling and the Abolition of White Democracy” by Denise Taliaferro Baszile
“Certainly, the problem of capitalism, neoliberalism at present, is far reaching and our efforts to imagine a more just democracy, or “better futures” (Mignolo, 2010) are hindered without any serious consideration of how to rethink the free market mentality that continues to expand the gap between the haves and have-nots. No question about it. However, there is also no reason to believe that capitalism is the only specter of Western domination, and that with its demise all other isms will come tumbling to the ground. There is also always tangled up in the development and progression of capitalism the development of rationalism, racism, sexism, and various other projects of domination, no one more significant than the other (the very idea that there must be one dominant ism to explain domination is in and of itself reflective of the workings of Western rationality).” (247)

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“It is then the responsibility of the Writing Center, not to liberate underserved students, but to recognize its own complicity within the colonial functioning of the academy, to reflect on these colonial tendencies, and to build resistance and space with underserved students through coalitional practices that centralize the narratives of marginalized students as crucial to best serving their needs in this space.”

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Critical Race Methodology: Counter-Storytelling as an Analytical Framework for Education Research Daniel G. Solórzano and Tara J. Yosso
“Counter-storytelling is different from fictional storytelling. We are not developing imaginary characters that engage in fictional scenarios. Instead, the “composite” characters we develop are grounded in real-life experiences and actual empirical data and are contextualized in social situations that are also grounded in real life, not fiction.” (36)

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