Impressions of Charles Soule, Javier Pulido and Munsta Vicente’s She-Hulk #4

(Spoiler Alert: This IS REAL LIFE)

First things first as opposed to last.

Comics I picked up at Free Comic Book Day

Excerpt from Hip-Hop Family Tree­– Really dug it. Getting completed comic as gift for friend.

Future’s End #0– Interesting Cronenberg-body horror images, but nothing special

Excerpt from Showa: History of Japan– Great historical story that’s got some nice, self-aware humor to it. Probably will borrow this from a library

Guardians of the Galaxy #0– Really just a prologue for those entirely unfamiliar with the team


Somehow I ended up missing the previous issue of She-Hulk, but Soule and co. provide a nifty catch-up on the first page where She-Hulk aka Jennifer Walters herself tells the reader about her case getting Kristoff Vernard, ,son of Dr. Doom and heir to the Latverian throne, asylum in the United States, a case she win but loses thanks to Doom’s sudden kidnapping of Kristoff.

This issue follows She-Hulk as she determines  her next step, first seeking counsel with a certain blind

She-Hulk #4

attorney in San Francisco. She-Hulk and Daredevil’s conversation explores the intersection of their jobs as both lawyer and superhero, Matt remarking that the superhero bit extends the lengths by which they can assists clients beyond those of “the average attorney drafting wills in Peoria.” As much as their scenes together are comprised of mostly talking, Pulido infuses a lot of energy into it by posing Matt in acrobatic poses as the two converse atop the Golden Gate Bridge. This serves to remind the remind the reader of the two character’s enhanced abilities, and keeps the momentum of the issue at a brisk pace.


Although their time together ends too soon, Pulido and Vicente treat us to a neon splash page of the two lawyer-heroes sillhouted above an assortment of Califronian gang members- the superhero equivalent of a bender. In this page, Pulido once again poses the two characters in ways that convey their personality and power set with She-Hulk coming down in a power stance with arms flexed and ready for action and her hair trailing above her while Daredevil descends-headfirst, poised with his left arm outstretched as though getting extra points for grace. Since we don’t see much of San Francisco, Vincente uses these neon colors to distinguish the West Coast city from the more muted colors he uses in New York scenes. The image also serves to juxtapose the two current struggles as Matt is trying to lead an honest life in San Francisco after revealing himself as Daredevil, and his desire to be seen as equal parts lawyer/superhero and Walters struggles to keep her superhero ego in check and operate by the books. The book foreshadows another possible meeting between the two, and it’ll be interesting to see how they grow in the interim.

As a result of Matt’s counsel, She-Hulk makes her way to Latveria and thrashes a couple Doombots on her way to encountering a giant Doom. Rather than engage in fistifuffs though, She-Hulk tells Dr. Doom that his son’s betrayal of Latveria had more to do with his displeasure at his father’s intense control as opposed to his desire to leave his home. Despite the potential melodrama of this scene, Soule is able to elevate it beyond that by attracting attention to some of the silliness of the Latverian rulers. This is most evident in Kristoff and She-Hulk’s departure at issue’s end where the two leave Castle Doom via pink hovercraft, Kristoff promising to pay She-Hulk for her services but confessing that he’d be unable to pay her in anything other than the contraband Latverian Francs, a callback to an earlier discussion between She-Hulk and her nutty but hard-working paralegal.

After initially second-guessing my decision to add this to my subscription list, I’m glad that I can read a fun and beautiful comic that’s not published by Image, and features one of Marvel’s most interesting and underappreciated characters.


Also, last week Black Science #6. No doubts anymore. Rick Remender is doing something special here. Now I gotta wait until July to see where things go from here.




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