Delayed Until Saturday

So if you occasion this blog weekly hoping to read up on the comics and books I’ve been looking at, you may have noticed the lack of posts so far this week. That absence can be ascribed to two things: the 50 papers I need to grade before Monday, and its consequent effect on my reading.

I had finished Ivan Brunetti’s second volume of An Anthology of Graphic Fiction, and considered writing something on it before realizing that I had no desire to write about an anthology so soon after writing about Best American Comics 2006. I’m in the midst of reading Khaled Hosseini’s most recent novelAnd The Mountains Echoed, and hope to have something up on that next week.

I’ve delayed my weekly comic book shopping trip until this Saturday since I’ll be going then for Free Comic Book Day. I’ll be posting something on that then, hopefully scoring some of the more interesting free releases along with Sandman:Overture #3 whatever it is that strikes my fancy.

Meanwhile, why don”t you hope over to Humblebundle where Image, in another awesome digital sale is offering several of its critically acclaimed comics for pay what you want.

See you Saturday when I hope to have made it from the Sarlaac pit that is composition papers.


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