Versify #7: A New Kind of Comic Verse

Hoping to pick this title up from Yes Yes Books this month.

The Drunken Odyssey

Versify #7 by Pamela Burger

A New Kind of Comic Verse

As is probably now clear, I am a great lover of the hybrid form. Prose poetry is perhaps my favorite hybrid genre, because it brings out the poetic elements so often missing from narrative prose but often feels more natural than verse.  The new release from YesYes books, The Bones of Us is part of an interesting new development in hybrid poetry. Described as “graphic poetry,” with words by J. Bradley and art by Adam Scott Mazer, the collection looks like a comic book and reads like experimental poetry.

The Bones of Us

For those who have never heard of “graphic poetry,” the collection might also  be described as “poetry comics,” a blending of hand-drawn art and lyrical text that is difficult in many ways to differentiate from abstract or avant-garde comics.

Whatever one calls it, the subgenre that combines the traditions of…

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